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How To Enjoy Bali More Than Ever

So this is not your first time to Bali. You have surfed in Kuta waves, stayed in a Kuta Bali hotel, walked around Sunset Road Bali, but somehow you decided to spend your holiday back there. You start to worried that it will be boring since you have been there several times. No, Bali is never boring. Especially when you do this tips to make your holiday in Bali feels special.

1. Start with simple packing

Why? Because it’s about fun and adventure, not about your baggage. With less stuff weighing you down, it is decidedly easier to travel. Since a small pack is much lighter and more comfortable, you can carry it on your back and go about your exploring without worrying about checking in at your accommodation.

2. Enjoy The Moments

Relax and enjoy. Too much planning, organizing, list-making and over-scheduling gives you no time to relax and enjoy yourself. Sometimes you don’t need an itinerary. Sitback and relax in a Kuta Bali hotel room and enjoy the facilities just to suit your mood, why not?

3. Be curious

Be curious to everything and new things. Without curiousity travelling will be boring and flat. When you excitedly curious you will find new things and new experiences. Enjoy it!

4. Try New Things

Eventhough this is not your first time in Bali, you can make it feels like the first time. Trying new things and go to new spots will make your travel as excited as the first time. Try another , find another surfing spot and perfect wave, dive in another decent spot, have lunch in a restaurant you have never tried before in , enjoy drink in another bar. When you try new things, you find new excitement.

5. Talk to the locals and other travelers

Approach the locals and start making friends. Or you can look for someone who travels alone, or maybe a couple and start smiling and say Hi as you walk passed. You can feel how amazing it is to see the local life where others will rarely experience. How amazing that two people, who would never have met through an ordinary daily life, were able to converse for more than an hour. It is your exciting yet potential traveling.

6. Smile and be happy!

Maybe the journey is not always smooth, but positive thinking and attitude in traveling enables you to learn and get a lot positive things from traveling. After all, traveling is a break from the boring routine life and this precious moment worth to celebrate with a smile and happiness.

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