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Tourist Attractions Around Sunset Road Bali

Sunset Road Bali is one of the new tourist attraction that became one of the favorite destinations for both international tourists and domestic tourists. Sunset Road itself is a road that connects the district of Kuta Bali and Kerobokan. We can find a lot of places of tourism such as hotels, spas, restaurants, and others. This place is still vacant land a few years ago. Because of a strategic place as the liaison between the Kerobokan and  Kuta Bali, many people set up their business in Sunset Road.

When we hear Bali, which appear in our mind is an island that has a variety of tourist attractions, especially its beaches and culture that offers a magnet for local and foreign tourists. Almost every place in Bali has sights that must be visited. Here is places that can be visited in Bali, especially in the area of Sunset Road Bali.


1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is located in Kuta Village, Kuta District. It is just a step from Denpasar Airport that is 5 minutes away by car. It is the most popular beach in Bali with white sand stretch 3 kilometers from Seminyak Beach to Tuban area which is blessed by the great waves that is ideally for surf adventures. This beach has been known to foreign tourists and become an icon of the island. You can be sure to find the life and party scene here in Kuta Beach. Head here if you are looking out to socialize, party and have a good time. The beauty of this beach is complemented by the spectacular sunrise that creates the romantic nuance that alluring every visitor.


2.  Legian Beach

Legian Beach is the second most popular area with visitors because of the strategic location which is situated contiguously from Kuta Beach. It becomes famous because of its close association with beach life and its parties. Indeed, one of Legian’s main attractions is its extravagant nightlife. Another attraction is the white sandy beach filled with tanned wannabe celebrities. This beach has the same structure or type with Kuta Beach where it is featured by the long white sandy beach.

Dry Season is the best time for surfing at Legian Beach due to the wind flows from the east to the west and create the good wave that is suitable for surfing. This season also best choice for surfing because the seawater feels warm and clean from the rubbish.


3.  Seminyak Area

Seminyak is a fairly crowded area because there are bars and culinary food from local to international, and this area also has many private villas in Bali, which is good for those of you who want to honeymoon in Bali. There is also Seminyak Beach that has beautiful white sand which is located in Seminyak Village, north of Legian Beach. It is just a step from Kuta.


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