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Sunset Road Bali: a Convenience Resort for Shopping and Surfing

Sunset Road Bali is one of the must place you visit while having a vacation in this island. Sunset Road is full with souvenirs shops, restaurants, and hotels. Your Bali holiday will not be perfect without buying something as a memento. And sunset road is the perfect place to buy souvenirs. Along this road, you can buy Balinese traditional foods to bring home. You can also buy Balinese arts and crafts. These arts and crafts will be perfect for your home décor. Wearables are another type of souvenir that you can buy at Sunset Road Bali. Some of them are t-shirt with creative designs printed on it and silver jewelries.

All about Sunset Road Bali you must know

Sunset Road is probably the most crowded area in Bali. There are countless of people visit this area every day. Sunset Road Bali is a long road that connects Kuta, Legian, Kerobokan, and Seminyak. This fact makes this road a popular area for tourists to stop by. They dine and shop in this area while they are on the way to and from Kuta. The restaurants and shops in this area are not only located along the Sunset Road. Some of them are located in smaller streets or alleys in this street.

Dining and shopping are not the only things you can do while you are at Sunset Road. But, you can also visit a couple of art museums. Visiting these museums will be a great alternative if you want something different than a beach holiday. One of the art museums that is located in Sunset Road is Museum of Cartoon. It is the only one in Asia. You can also visit 3D Trick Art Museum while you are at this road.

Staying in Sunset Road hotels

There are many hotels located in Sunset Road. You can choose a two-star hotel to five-star hotel. If you need more privacy, you can also book a villa. Staying in one of these hotels will make your Bali vacation more memorable. Sunset road is only 5 minute walk to Kuta beach. Some people think that the beach near the Sunset Road Bali is livelier than the other side of Kuta beach. Some of these hotels are seafront hotels. Therefore, you can have a room with a balcony facing the beach so that you can wake up in the morning and enjoy the beauty of the beach. You must be willing to pay higher hotel rates for it though.

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